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Whenever possible, repairs to leaded lights are carried out in situ. However, this is not often possible, especially if there are several broken pieces of glass or the lead has become fragile. Therefore the cost of removing and re-fitting the panel needs to be taken into consideration.

When removing the stained glass, the panel is removed in its entirety and the aperture temporarily glazed so it is secure and weatherproof.

I always endeavour to match any broken glass as closely as possible in both colour and texture. Although some of the older glass is no longer available, there is still a very large range of colours and textures that I can source, so it is usually difficult to see what has been replaced.

Please get in touch should you wish to arrange for me to inspect your damaged stained glass and provide you with a quotation. Or email me photographs and the dimensions of the stained glass panels, and I can usually provide you with a quotation.
Amanda Jensen
Wandle House, 35 Hosack Road, London SW17 7QW
Please note that consultations are by appointment only.

07763 768738
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